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The Legacy Continues


Asai  Tetsuhiko
     Former JKA Technical Director





Tetsuhiko Asai 10th Dan, was appointed Technical Director of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) by Nakayama Masatoshi. As a graduate of Takushoku University, he trained directly under Funakoshi Gichin and Nakayama Masatoshi.

Througout his karate career and he was a renowned JKA Champion in both Kata and Kumite, Asai SHihan sought to improve on the karate taught at the JKA. Through his own personal training and research, he developed an all encompassing and highly effective style of bujutsu (real fighting) karate: Asai Ha.

Many believe the enhanced training and techniques fill the gaps in the Nakayama Ha system. Some WJKA Karateka train rigorously in Asai Ha to augment their study of Nakayama Ha e.g. Jan Knobel 9th Dan (WJKA President) , Dow Owens 8th Dan (WJKA Vice President & Tech. Director) and John Turnbull 8th Dan (WJKA Vice President & Adm. Advisor), while some only follow the path and philosophy as set by master Tetsuhiko Asai.

Therefore the karate legacy of Asai Shihan flourishes within the WJKA, which is reflected in our karate training and the philosophy of the WJKA Shihankai and senior instructors.