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The Legacy Continues





Funakoshi  Gichen
Founder Shotokan Karate
First JKA Headmaster
Asai Tetsuhiko
     Former JKA Technical Director



The WJKA proudly takes its roots from two of the most distinguished Shotokan instructors the world has ever seen:

          Nakayama Masatoshi 10th Dan, (1913 -1987) Chief Instructor, Japan Karate Association

          Asai Tetsuhiko 10th Dan (1935-2006) Former Technical Director, Japan Karate Association.

These paths, although from the same roots, function as individual entities within the shotokan system itself and are: 

Nakayama Ha, which was the style of shotokan taught at the JKA up to 1987 whilst Nakayama Shihan was headmaster. It was the basis on which the JKA, in its heyday, ran its teaching syllabus both in Japan and abroad.

Asai Ha, which was developed by Asai Tetsuhiko Shuseki-Shihan, throughout his lifetime and most certainly during his time at the JKA and beyond, and subsequently was taught to his students after he left to follow his own path.

Gichin Funakoshi appointed Master Nakayama, JKA headmaster. Asai Shihan held the position of JKA Technical Director under Nakayama Shihan and was in post at the time of his death in 1987. No successor had been named and a split within the JKA occurred with Asai shihan leading one of the groups. This group was officially disbanded in March 2000.

Asai Shihan dedicated his life to studying and developing his karate, pioneering new techniques and ideas leading to him gaining the title of  ‘The Thunderous Storm'. His studies covered a wide range of martial arts and karate styles and it is reputed that he knew and practiced around 140 Kata (forms) some of which he developed himself. The uniqueness and efficiency of Asai Shihans karate can be attributed to his constant search to make his body as supple as a willow tree. As a direct students of Asai Tetsuhiko, the legacy which is Asai Ha, continues within the WJKA under the direct guidance of Jan Knobel 9th Dan WJKA President.